By the Voice of Lashings, Scott Charlton

We entered 2021 like no year before it; locked down, lonely, or worse ill. It effected us all, life was very different, we were all in the same storm but we were on different boats.

As hope replaced fear, we watched as communities came back together, to laugh, to talk, to catch up.
Our Tour also came back together and was full of so many highlights.

Most games could have gone either way, we were beaten once, which is one of my favourite days ever!

A memorable innings at Leeds and Broomfield will live long, as well as the full-length, diving catch that John Emburey took at 2nd slip, on his 69th birthday, with his family present!

And who can forget our fantastic day at the Ageas Bowl, which meant so much to me personally.

We made some great new friends and caught up with so many great old friends. The introduction of the 100 Club gave us a chance to stay in touch. Our regular Zoom events were great fun. A virtual lifeline. I truly believe that businesses that survive, will wear their survival as a badge of honour. I know that we will.

In closing, I think that we were tested like never before, but we got through, and we will be back! We are back!

We have 20+ games already scheduled for 2022 and many other events in the pipeline. It is an exciting time at Lashings HQ.

Massive thanks to everyone who has supported us, our sponsors and our staff, without you it simply wouldn’t have happened.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year, winter well, straight home, no chips!

Lashings World Cricket Events

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